Back to School – Get Ready with Quality, Reliable Furniture

Summer might be just starting to heat up, but it’s never too early to start planning for next school year. Classrooms should be comfortable, dynamic and durable enough that the furniture makes it to the end of the year and beyond. Make sure to invest in furniture that focuses on quality, reliable design, and in the event of an unfortunate disaster, a stellar warranty and quick shipping turnaround times.

Quick-Ship Ready

One of our core values as a company is extreme customer care, and we believe quick turnaround times are a huge part of this. We have a robust selection of classroom products that are ‘quick-ship’ available and ready to go. These range from Q5 standard laminate desks to Q10 for premium desk laminates. We have a number of products available at this ship time, including our Hierarchy Cantilever Desk and Cloud 9 desks & tables. Be sure to check out our website to see a full list of these quick-ship items, or reach out to speak to one of our customer service specialists.

Durability is Key

As a sustainable company, we also believe educational products should be well-built and long lasting. If you have to come back next school year, so does your teacher’s desk! Many of our products, including desks, tables, and carts, have a 12 year (for MooreCo products) to 15 year (for Vanerum products) limited warranty. We understand how tough kids can be on a classroom and we design to accommodate this. We have full faith that our products will last 12+ years, but in the event that they don’t, we want to make things right with you.

On-Time Delivery

We understand that a school’s worst nightmare is not receiving their orders on time. Students are weeks from coming back to class and you have enough to worry about without adding missing furniture to the list. We’ve heard your frustrations with manufacturers overpromising on lead times in the past and we strive to counter this with our own delivery process. We take careful consideration when forecasting our manufacturing and shipping times and strive to have an open and honest dialogue with you as the customer about when items will be delivered. You won’t find our lead times slipping to 26 weeks like some of our competitors.

We take pride in delivering reliable, sturdy educational products to our customers. We create products that have the ability to multi-task and suit any type of learning environment. Give MooreCo and Vanerum products a try and you’ll be sure to have everything you need to start next year off right!

All Eyes on Thee – Achieve and Maintain Your Students’ Attention

“The more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Attention span and focus – how do we set up our classrooms for students to feel focused and engaged? This can particularly be a problem in hands-off style classes like History or Social Studies. How do we connect with each one of our students while fostering a sense of community? Here are a couple ideas to maximize time and space in the classroom while getting the most focus from each of your students.

The Tiered Effect

Create layers from the front to back of the class by placing height adjustable desks in different height settings throughout your room. This configuration allows every student to have direct eye contact with the instructor, as well as a clear view of whiteboards or projection screens, increasing attention and information absorption. The pneumatic mechanism in our Up-Rite Student Desks make height adjustability a breeze.

Multi-Purpose Visual Communication Tools

Consider an interactive setup where you combine traditional and modern communication and technology products. Videos are proven to captivate an audience, keeping us focused, while writing key points on a board are more likely to be absorbed and remembered long term. The more you see and read it, the more you remember it! Pops of color also draw the attention of students; try adding a Visionary Move Glass Board to your room in a fun color to highlight key lesson points.

Movement: For Teachers and Students

Inertia is the mortal enemy of an active mind and the best way to defeat it is with movement. Incorporating wobble stools or perch stools, like our Grow Stool or Up-Rite Height Adjustable Stool, in your classroom is a great way to keep students engaged. These products allow micro-movements that stimulate the mind and engage the core muscles, improving circulation and posture. Teachers should consider using mobile podiums or carts that move around the room with them as well!

Room for Fun! Designing your Classroom for Younger Children

“Play. It brings joy. It is within this context that learning can occur.” – Kyle Snow, Ph.D.

Early childhood environments should foster both fun and safety; a place where we balance freedom of expression with fundamentals of good behavior. Here are some suggestions on how to give students room to play and room to focus:

Room to Play!

Have a corner of your room set up to be lounge ready. Soft seating pieces, like our Blossom Soft Seating Set, give students room to relax and get creative. Studies show that kids prefer to lay on their stomachs when they read and kick their legs loose. “On the ground” seating is another alternative for giving kids the freedom of floor while reminding them of boundaries.

Room to Focus!

Activity tables and collaborative desks, like our Cloud 9 Desks, let classrooms easily configure into different formations. Organize students by task, capabilities, or learning pace for a more efficient learning environment.

Room to Move!

Mobile storage easels and storage carts, like our Mobile Lap Board Teacher Easel, are such a go-to solution for early learning environments. Dry erase surfaces provide a portable marker board and integrated storage tubs help teachers organize supplies and teaching materials. It can easily be moved from reading corners to learning centers, making it multi-purpose.

Room to Store!

Storage carts don’t take up much space, but they do provide ample space for storage! Keep supplies and learning materials organized and safe by placing them into a Mobile Tub Storage Cart. The built-in casters make classroom configurations effortless!