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5 Things Gen Z Values That Should Drive Classroom and Workplace Design in 2023

Posted by MooreCo Inc on Jan 20, 2023 2:04:40 PM

From a flexible environment that allows them to shape their own workspace, to immersing themselves in communities that reflect who they are, Generation Z is revolutionizing the way we construct educational and professional spaces. Gen Z is a generation that deeply cares, and they want the places where they learn and work to share those same values. They deserve ergonomic furniture that assists in curating those environments.  

What does Gen Z care about? 

We made it our mission in 2022 to break down what Gen Z wants and needs. Based on what we learned, we built a furniture line that can be used to create an environment where they feel totally comfortable and furthermore empowered. Our Akt collection fully embodies what Gen Z values, from flexibility and community to DEI, safety, and hands-on learning, and MooreCo is home to even more ergonomic solutions for any classroom or workspace. Here are the values that matter to Gen Z and should drive educational and professional design in 2023. 

Flexibility & Change  

Thanks to apps like TikTok, Gen Z’s attention span is just 1.3 seconds, according to Insider Intelligence. They need educational and professional environments to include flexible furniture that moves as the day does. Incorporating Akt 5-Star Chairs that provide easy mobility is a great way to allow Gen Z-ers to expend some extra energy while they work with the built-in swivel motion. Professional spaces will benefit from the Elate Perch Stool, which gives Gen Z-ers a halfway point between sitting and standing, so they can change their position at any moment in the day. Equip tables with caster wheels, so learning environments can be repositioned for group discussion or private test-taking.  

2021 Thrive Catalog Environment Common Area 02

Community & Collaboration  

Gen Z’s love for community extends into their prioritization of people over profits, according to Gen Z Marketing Expert Mark Beal. “Gen Z in the purpose generation. They are looking to be part of and support companies, organizations, brands that demonstrate a higher purpose,” Beal said. Gen Z wants to see employers investing resources into their people and toward good causes before they increase their own wealth. Encouraging community in peer spaces allows Gen Z to thrive. This generation loves to collaborate, building on each other’s innate skills to create teams that work well together. In the workspace, this looks like incorporating Cocoon Community Tables, where groups of up to six can share space and resources on a vast desktop surface.  

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

Gen Z wants to see more diversity in their workspaces, and that doesn’t just extend to “hitting diversity numbers.” Mark Beal told us that Gen Z wears their inclusivity as “a badge of honor.” They want actual involvement from all walks of life, to build a community that reflects the world they see and want to see. Representation in leadership positions within professional workspaces is essential, as it allows employees to see themselves in and aspire to higher roles. Using school colors in the classroom is a great way to signal inclusion and to remind students that they are part of a collective; Hierarchy Desks and Chairs come in a wide range of hues that are sure to match your classroom.

 2021 Thrive Catalog Commercial Common Space (2)

Health & Safety 

The COVID-19 pandemic struck when Gen Z-ers were in their most formative years, leaving many to graduate without ceremonies or even miss out on several years of in-person learning. Additionally, school shootings are an increasing risk, leaving many Gen Z students concerned about health and safety in the classroom and future workspaces. The Akt Lounge collection was designed with Gen Z’s prioritization of health in mind. We created each piece with ample space underneath for easy cleaning. Lounge chairs even include spacers between the seatback and the cushion, so dust and dirt are less likely to collect.  

Experiential Learning

More than ever, we are seeing a shift toward educational spaces that allow students to engage in experiential learning, or learning by doing. This concept stems from CTE (Career & Technical Education), a method of learning that puts students in immersive scenarios so they can explore and test-run a new subject, with all the necessary resources at hand, before pursuing it at a higher level. Designating CTE classrooms with Compass Makerspace Tables and Cabinets is an ideal way for students to gain experience and learn by doing. 

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