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Accessing Mobility in a Remote World

Posted by MooreCo Inc on Feb 2, 2021 2:34:16 PM


Accessing Mobility in a Remote World

Do you sometimes feel like the past year has been a blur? As we come up upon a year of dealing with COVID-19 in the United States, the days can begin to mix together. This "Groundhog’s Day" feeling has been lasting over 10 months now, and even as life begins to return to normal, it may still seem as if progress is slow. At the same time, the world continues to move quickly. Kids are still learning. Companies are still hiring, producing, and flourishing. Some days, it can be challenging to remain productive and hopeful. So how can you gain access to a feeling of movement and change in a world dominated by distance? Here are just a few ways to get moving again.

Take a Daily Walk


Most everyone has developed a renewed love of nature since spring of 2020. With more of us working from home, it’s important to get out every day to get some fresh air and exercise. A daily walk can provide a sense of routine, aiding in maintaining mental health and well-being. If you’re learning or working in the same place, try changing up your environment if things become stagnant. Workspace and educational tools that can be easily moved from room to room may help to provide a change of pace. Use a colorful, mobile glass board for jotting ideas, lists, or lessons that can be easy to move and inspire creativity even on long days. And remember to move throughout the day to stay flexible and relaxed.

Step Away and Recharge


It can be easy to get caught up in work and learning when we’re doing so remotely. One survey reported that employees are working more hours remotely than they were when they were in the office. Taking time away must be prioritized so that we can stay mentally and physically healthy. One easy way to unplug mentally is to plug-in literally. Leave your device charging and walk away so it (and you) can recharge. For multiple users, charging towers can provide easy access so that everyone can stay connected and focused all day. Be sure to take deep breaths while allowing devices to recharge. Walk away, stretch, and unplug your mind.

Connect in New Ways


As we slowly return to a sense of normalcy in the next year, more of us will be able to connect safely in person for social gatherings, work, and school events. For now, many of those things are still happening online. For us to experience meaningful connections at a distance, we need superior integrative technology that creates a sense of being in the room. For students and workers, having access to smartboards with clear and precise imaging and easy web browsing capability can provide a window to the world in a time that feels like we are boxed in. Be sure to connect periodically with friends and loved ones both online via videoconferencing, and safely outdoors while wearing a mask. Connection to others is necessary for our mental health and well-being, so be sure to prioritize time with others, even if it’s only online.

Chart a Path Forward

42 x 60 x 36 Compass Makerspace Table yellow side + butcher + propsAt times, it may feel like the world has stopped. Maybe you had travel plans or creative ideas that never got off the ground because of the changes of the last year. Now’s the time to put those plans back into action. As we move forward into an era of an accessible vaccine, the world will begin to open up again. Be thinking about what you want to do when reintegrate into your work, school, or social circle. Art projects require great makerspace tables. Workshops require organizational tools to store supplies. What do you need for your project, plan, or next move? Think now about what supplies, furniture, or support you’ll need to make your dream happen. It’s within reach, even if it’s felt miles away for the last year.

Stay Aware and Stay Safe

Essentials Mobile Waiting Room 02

Although the end of the pandemic is in sight, we still have several months to go before experts are predicting that herd immunity is reached and we can return to life as it was before . Safety measures in work and in school will continue to be important to stop the spread of the virus and keep vulnerable populations safe. Be sure to wear a mask, practice social distancing, and wash hands thoroughly and frequently. For your school or workplace, be sure to have protective screens to create a barrier and distance to slow the spread of the virus. A mobile screen is beneficial because it can easily move from room to room or easily within a store or customer-facing environment.

Find What Works for You 


No matter your working or learning situation, you need to have environments and activities that work for you. Easy access to a stable internet connection and integrative technology are a must for staying mobile throughout the pandemic and beyond. Height adjustable furniture for classrooms and at the workplace, or tables that come in a variety of heights can help provide easy places for everyone to work and feel included. If you're planning a space for workers and students to come back to after being remote, make sure that they're returning to an environment that feels as welcoming as home. This means anticipating the needs of everyone to help each individual thrive.

We’re Here to Help…

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It may just be a glimmer for now, but it’s there. We’ll continue to be there for your workplace and school throughout the pandemic, providing solutions to work and learn remotely and stay safer in person. As the needs of your organization change, we’ll be here to get you what you need to succeed and stay productive throughout the year. Call us anytime so we can help you continue to thrive!






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