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i3SIXTY: The Must-Have Tool for Hybrid Teaching

Posted by MooreCo Inc on Jul 17, 2020 12:19:16 PM


i3SIXTY: The Must-Have Tool for Hybrid Teaching

The Window to a New World  of Learning 

The importance of effective communication and meaningful connection have fueled successful businesses, communities, and relationships since the beginning of time.  


Now that schools and businesses are making tough decisions for how to keep learning and working with safe considerations in mind, one simple product can bring the world into classrooms, boardrooms, and work-from-home spaces. 


MooreCo and i3-Technologies are helping create the future of working and learning in a new normal” world. The i3SIXTY is the most advanced digital flip chart. Here are just a few features of the i3SIXTY:


Perfect for Hybrid Classrooms or Remote Work 


Allows for a seamless transition to work from home or learn from home with no training required. User-friendly features include the ability to share lessons online and exchange feedback, as well as share assignments, presentations, and collaborative group projects.  


Flexibility for Teachers 

CDC Guidelines suggest less kids per classroom which would mean more classrooms per teacher. Multiply your teachers reach by placing an i3SIXTY in the second classroom and letting student follow the lesson along with the kids in the classroom where the teacher is.  


Easy Mobility  

Sturdy mount with locking casters ensures easy movement from room to room. No need to purchase one unit per room. Need it elsewhere? Just roll it there! 90-degree Rotating display ensures that the device can be moved through any door.  


Wireless Presentation 

Share screens or cast into the i3SIXTY using any device connected to the school’s Wifi. Easily sync Android, Apple, or Window devices with the click of a button, creating no-hassle wireless connection.  


Internet Browser 

Easily surf the web, access learning platforms, watch YouTube videos, or create lesson plans, with an internet browser that allows you to share, save, and annotate any important findings with colleagues and students.  


Video Conferencing  

Bring in students from home or teachers from other classrooms with video conferencing capability. Clear images and sound make it easy to connect the boardroom or classroom together in a blended model, creating connection and an “in-person” feeling. Zoom app is pre-installed. 


Fall semester is right around the corner. Jump back in where you left off and bring the teacher to your students with this new learning tool. Contact us today for more information.  




Curious about the view with the i3SIXTY? Schedule a demo


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