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Reasons to Remake Your Space with Glass

Posted by MooreCo Inc on Nov 20, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Unity Glass Wall Commercial Enviro w-Seed Chairs

Reasons to Remake Your Space with Glass

The late Johnny Nash wrote and sung the words, "I can see clearly now. The rain is gone."  With many workers and students having spent time at home, it's important to make sure the spaces they return to will feel comfortable and highly functional. If you're looking for ways to remake your space with style, high performance glass walls and boards will add a touch of sophistication, while creating improved communication and reflective brightness for everyone to enjoy.

Let's look a bit deeper into the reasons MooreCo's glass board options will have you "seeing clearly" in 2021.

The Benefits of High-Performance Glass Boards for your Space

Compass Commercial Conference Room

Why choose glass? In addition to brightening up a room and creating a modern aesthetic, glass boards have many characteristics and benefits for every space. Here are just a few.

Superior Performance

Ultra-smooth glass surface naturally provides exceptional writability and erasability, making it a true pleasure to use. You can use markers or other writing instruments with ease and erase clean with no  staining or ghosting. 

Low Maintenance

Glass walls, boards, and mobile dividers feature surfaces that are easy to clean with common household products. Simply clean as you would a mirror or any other glass surface. Markers, either dry erase or permanent, are easy to wipe away. Even grease pens can be used on our glass whiteboard surfaces.


Made with tempered safety glass that is much stronger than standard glass, these visual communication tools will stand the test of time. MooreCo glass boards and walls are backed with a steel sheet that adds not only the ability to accept magnets, but strength and structural stability as well and carry a fifty year limited warranty.


MooreCo glass boards and walls are made with recyclable glass and recyclable aluminum hardware, making the boards one of the best choices for the environmentally responsible company. Reusable materials and long life means less turnover as well.


With its naturally silky smooth and reflective surface, glass instantly elevates any environment with a modern and high-end look. Glass visual communications tools are also available in a wide variety of in stock colors that will instantly uplift any work space by adding bright and energetic hues throughout the space. 


Our glass boards are available in stock in a wide variety of colors and sizes, but you can create your own designer board with ease, adding even more of a personal touch to your environment. Choose your own color, or even add your own company logo, design, or any other permanent graphic.

MooreCo's Glass Boards in Your Workspace 

When it comes to options to suit your office or workspace, MooreCo has you covered.

Glass Walls 

Unity Glass Wall GWD608 Angle w-Props Yellow 2-1

Modernize and elevate your walls instantly with smart style and functional whiteboard space, ideal for communication, collaboration, and creativity. Create a user-friendly and inviting room-sized presentation surface.  Each wall is engineered to incorporate the best qualities of magnetic glass markerboards with a modular full wall whiteboard ensemble.  There are a variety of styles to choose from when deciding on your perfect glass wall.

The Unity, Fluent, and Rapport are created with durable tempered safety glass that is suited for use in any environment office environment. Glass walls are available standard in gloss white, gloss black, or in any of our seven Hierarchy glass colors. Create one sleek monochrome wall , or mix and match for a bright, custom appearance. 

Glass Boards 



Looking for a mountable glass board for your office? MooreCo has several to choose from!

Get up to twice the functional space of a wall-mounted board with a colorful and modern Visionary  Hierarchy Magnetic Glass Board. Beautiful and modern double-sided magnetic glass provides style and a surface that creates unmatched writability, and erases without ghosting. Glass available in several colors: low iron white (for a purer white appearance with reduced green cast), white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy, purple, or black. Choose the color that will accent the design of your environment. You can even choose two colors for added options and versatility!

Dramatic glass style meets dynamic versatility with the elegant and modern InSight Low Iron Magnetic Glass Board. Add seamless style to any environment with low iron glass and sleek concealed hanging system, providing a minimalist element to your workspace. Tempered safety glass provides smooth writability with unparalleled erasability and easily cleans without ghosting or staining. This board includes glass accessory tray, a set of rare earth magnets, and an eraser, and available in custom colors. 

Add Modern Visionary Brass Finish Mounts to any Visionary Magnetic Glass Board. All Visionary boards come standard with stainless steel mounts in a silver finish, but now you can purchase a set of brass-toned mounts and elevate your environment with a subtle yet upscale appearance.

Mobile Glass 


Move your glass board from conference room to conference room with mobile glass boards. The Hierarchy Grow & Roll Mobile Board and Visonary Move Colors Mobile Magnetic Glass Board put your colors on the go and are ideal for use in collaborative environments. Dual-sided magnetic glass markerboards allow for multiple users, while the floor to stand surface maximizes use. Move boards easily wherever you want it with two locking and two non-locking casters. Mobile glass boards are available in several colors: low iron white (for a purer white appearance with reduced green cast), white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy, purple, or black. Choose the color that will accent the design of your environment. You can even choose two colors for added options and versatility!

Pairing elegant magnetic glass whiteboard with a mobile aluminum frame, The D.O.C. Glass Room Divider allows you the freedom to divide, organize, and customize your space to fit your individual needs. Modular panels move easily with locking swivel casters to create space, privacy, or communication where needed. Double-sided tempered safety glass provides smooth writability and erasability. Divider comes standard with gloss white glass, but we also provide the ability to customize the glass panel in a variety of ways to personalize your workspace, including color and graphic printing options. You can also choose from silver or black modern anodized aluminum trim for panels to best enhance your environment.

Custom glass boards

Still not seeing exactly what you want? MooreCo's got you covered! Both wall mount and mobile glass boards a can be customized with colors and graphics to perfectly suit your style and the needs of your office space. Contact us to learn more.

We're Here to Help...

Looking for ways to spruce up your office and welcome back clients and employees in 2021? Let us help. Contact us to learn more about stylish options for visual communication, easy-to-clean furniture, or safety barriers for your workspace. The future is bright, let's design spaces to match!  





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