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Room for Fun! Designing your Classroom for Younger Children

Posted by MooreCo Inc on Jun 6, 2018 8:55:34 AM

Room for Fun! Designing your Classroom for Younger Children

"Play. It brings joy. It is within this context that learning can occur." - Kyle Snow, Ph.D.

Early childhood environments should foster both fun and safety; a place where we balance freedom of expression with fundamentals of good behavior. Here are some suggestions on how to give students room to play and room to focus:

Kindergarten Classroom

Room to Play!

Have a corner of your room set up to be lounge ready. Soft seating pieces, like our Blossom Soft Seating Set, give students room to relax and get creative. Studies show that kids prefer to lay on their stomachs when they read and kick their legs loose. "On the ground" seating is another alternative for giving kids the freedom of floor while reminding them of boundaries.

x modular soft seating

Room to Focus!

Activity tables and collaborative desks, like our Cloud 9 Desks, let classrooms easily configure into different formations. Organize students by task, capabilities, or learning pace for a more efficient learning environment.


Room to Move!

Mobile storage easels and storage carts, like our Mobile Lap Board Teacher Easel, are such a go-to solution for early learning environments. Dry erase surfaces provide a portable marker board and integrated storage tubs help teachers organize supplies and teaching materials. It can easily be moved from reading corners to learning centers, making it multi-purpose.


Room to Store!

Storage carts don't take up much space, but they do provide ample space for storage! Keep supplies and learning materials organized and safe by placing them into a Mobile Tub Storage Cart. The built-in casters make classroom configurations effortless!

40 Tub Cart

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