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Teachers' Lounge - Take a Breath, Take a Break!

Posted by MooreCo Inc on May 22, 2018 12:15:42 PM

Teachers' Lounge - Take a Breath, Take a Break!

"Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning." - Robert John Meehan

x modular soft seating

The teachers' lounge has been a hot topic of debate for for a while. Are they worth having? Are they gossip pools? Has technology and high performance curriculums taken over the lounge? Studies show that teachers' lounges actually reinforce the spirit of community amongst educators as well as recharge tired minds. Lounges help teachers reengage in everyday topics with their peers, and also disconnect from the daily classroom routine. The key to a functional teachers' lounge? Make it feel like home! Here are some ideas on how to make the teachers' lounge an inviting and safe environment for teachers:

Soft Seating

We call them soft for a reason! Sofas, futons, booths and poufs. Add one or add them all, teachers don't just want to sit, they want to relax in the teachers' lounge. Nothing beats comfortable soft seating pieces when creating restful spaces to relax in.


x modular soft seating Various types of soft seating are the perfect solution for a comfortable lounge space.


Tables for All

Tables in the lounge will be used for a number of different tasks: eating, working on a laptop, grading papers, or reading books. Play with tables of different shapes and sizes to make the room flexible and unique.


x modular soft seating Bistro Height Adjustable Tables are a great option for teachers' lounges.


Accents & Accessories

Finish your room with fun and homey accents: pictures, graphics, warm colored fabrics, and foliage. Add technology support, like charging stations, to ensure that the lounge is not only comfortable, but functional and practical as well.


The Power Tower provides instant AC outlet and USB charging access to multiple users in group seating arrangements.

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