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The Best Tools to Help Your Team Work Remotely

Posted by MooreCo Inc on Mar 30, 2020 9:15:54 AM


The Best Tools to Help Your Team Work Remotely

All around the world, remote work is the new norm. People all over the globe are sheltering in place to prevent the spread of the #Coronavirus, and companies will require new ways to keep the work going. It has become apparent that the economy of the future will be led by resilient companies whose workforce can collaborate productively from home, or anywhere.

Many industries are enabled to work remotely, soon every industry will have to follow suit, those who resist will get left behind. Even healthcare is rapidly adjusting to the era of the Covid crisis, with the growing need for telehealth.

Alisa Cohn is an executive coach with great advice on how to weather the Covid-19 storm. She says that the most important thing is for companies to keep their employees connected by forming a “virtual situation room”. This means having all the necessary tools for folks to easily communicate, share ideas, and complete projects together while physically separated.

Leading-Edge Technology and Your Company

Office technology must now include a variety of ways to collaborate remotely with partners abroad or colleagues working from home. The current crisis will only accelerate this valuable transition to remote working and the benefits are clear: it enhances work/life balance and helps employees stay productive. It’s also beneficial for the environment. According to The Carbon Trust Fund, remote working will reduce carbon emissions by millions of tons.

We want to help your company stay productive in these uncertain times and to be ready for the economy of the future. That’s why MooreCo is proud to partner with i3-Technologies, a leading provider in business solutions for improved connectivity and productivity. Along with high speed internet access and apps that allow for virtual conference communication, a well-equipped "Zoom Room" will promote an efficient work environment with collaboration and sharing at its core.


This innovative whiteboard features 90 degree screen rotation, touch-screen technology for easy annotation, and an integrated browsing system so that your team can stay #connected. Web conferencing is made easy with the Zoom app, which allows you to collaborate in real-time and screen-share the contents of your meeting with a variety of programs, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, and Powerpoint. With wireless casting, you can mirror the contents of any presentation onto other devices, allowing your team to follow along and receive information more quickly.


The i3TOUCH series features a wide range of interactive displays, providing stunning and clear imaging, while enabling precise touch screen technology. Multiple users can wirelessly share content from any device with a simple click, allowing for collaborative co-creating of ideas and solutions.


Easily host or join conferences with the i3COMPUTER, which allows for integrated wireless presenting. It comes pre-configured with Windows and Zoom Rooms to facilitate clear, accessible video meetings. With the i3COMPUTER, there is no need for cables or an additional source of power, making it hassle-free and user-friendly.

Co-Lab Suite OPS

Co-Lab Suite OPS is a one-step access to video conferencing, collaborative software, organizational tools, and live presentation sharing for any interactive displays. Touch screen capability makes it that much easier to scroll, direct, and edit information in real time, keeping each remote employee included on up-to-date changes on timely projects. Crafted using durable and antimicrobial magnetic glass, this interactive whiteboard allows for interactive annotation, wireless presentations, and is compatible with Windows.

Don’t Forget Comfort!

Research shows that sitting for extended periods of time can be harmful to your health, increasing the risk of heart disease, back pain, premature death. Not to mention that staying immobile may lessen creativity and clear thinking. Mooreco’s Up-Rite Mounted Sit Stand Workstation allows you to transform any table or desk at home into an ergonomic workstation that will keep you motivated and in good health throughout your long workdays.

We’re Here to Help…

These are just a few of the best tools to help your company move into the future of remote working. Don’t get left behind or find yourself unprepared in the next moment of need. Your employees will be able to seamlessly transition to work from home when they have access to the latest technologies.

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