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Design the Ultimate CTE Welding Shop with MooreCo

Posted by MooreCo Inc on Dec 13, 2023 3:30:00 PM


Choose your CTE Path with MooreCo!

Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs give students the tools they need to explore their interests, learn to appreciate their talents, and prepare for brighter futures. The mission of CTE programming is strongly connected to the principles behind MooreCo’s Thrive Philosophy. Our research shows, for students to thrive, learning environments should be designed and equipped to accommodate the six distinctive characteristics of human development.

MooreCo Thrive Philosophy IconsEvery student deserves the opportunity to flourish and find community, whether in higher education or in CTE. MooreCo has outfitted a series of career advancing spaces that exemplifies the Thrive Philosophy and demonstrates how intentional design provides a functional place to work and gives students the developmental tools they need to succeed.

MooreCo products are conducive to a flexible learning environment and adaptable to the rapidly changing needs of CTE programming and the ever-changing landscape of the professional world. These spaces pave the way for balanced, confident, healthy, and empowered graduates who will succeed in contributing to the workforce and their community. With MooreCo, go beyond the confines of traditional classrooms and empower students to imagine their future.

Learn more about how the Thrive principles align with CTE objectives by watching our CTE video and downloading our CTE brochure.

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Welding + MooreCo's Thrive Philosophy

A student welding

How do welding courses meet the developmental needs of CTE students?

Welding is a highly sought-after talent in the job market. CTE students learn precision, attention to detail, and problem-solving, all of which are transferable skills essential for success in any field. Welding courses instill a strong work ethic, as students must focus on safety, teamwork, and discipline to master this craft.

The ability to work with a variety of materials and tools in a structured environment helps students build resilience and adaptability. Students work individually to gain a strong sense of self-reliance, but they also build strong community by encouraging, motivating, and learning from each other.

How does MooreCo outfit a welding classroom that meets the developmental needs of students?

MooreCo products are quality-tested to withstand the heavy work in a welding classroom. Safety is the primary concern and furnishings need to be sturdy and reliable. An emphasis on mobility and flexibility means projects are not limited due to lack of space. MooreCo products adjust to the needs of an active welding classroom.

MooreCo furniture in a CTE welding classroom


The Compass Single Cabinet Teacher Workstation has locking storage to keep dangerous welding materials secure. The solid wood butcher block top is not only attractive, but it also handles wear and tear and is a more forgiving work surface.

Keep materials organized and accessible with fully customizable Compass Cabinets. Create additional workspace by adding a durable butcher block top and secure valuable welding equipment with sturdy locking doors.

MooreCo furniture in a CTE welding classroom

Akt Tables provide ample space for projects and materials. At standing-height, students can freely and quickly move to work. Welding students need to stay alert and active for safety reasons. Standing has been proven to increase circulation, keep energy flowing, and improve focus. 

With Akt 5-Star Stools, students can give their feet and back a break. They can easily move forward, backwards, tilt, slide to find the ideal body angle needed for physical daunting work.

MooreCo furniture in a CTE welding classroom

Akt Tables on casters are sturdy and durable and make excellent workstations that keep extra tools handy. Quickly and easily move as needed to accommodate several projects.

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Follow us in this series of posts as we break down 11 CTE environments and show you how MooreCo adapts each space to meet the developmental needs of students. Check out our other CTE classrooms: 

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