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Design the Ultimate CTE Restaurant Management Space with MooreCo

Posted by MooreCo Inc on Jan 12, 2024 10:00:00 AM

CTE Restaurant Management Classroom

Choose your CTE Path with MooreCo!

Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs give students the tools they need to explore their interests, learn to appreciate their talents, and prepare for brighter futures. The mission of CTE programming is strongly connected to the principles behind MooreCo’s Thrive Philosophy. Our research shows, for students to thrive, learning environments should be designed and equipped to accommodate the six distinctive characteristics of human development.

MooreCo Thrive Philosophy IconsEvery student deserves the opportunity to flourish and find community, whether in higher education or in CTE. MooreCo has outfitted a series of career advancing spaces that exemplifies the Thrive Philosophy and demonstrates how intentional design provides a functional place to work and gives students the developmental tools they need to succeed.

MooreCo products are conducive to a flexible learning environment and adaptable to the rapidly changing needs of CTE programming and the ever-changing landscape of the professional world. These spaces pave the way for balanced, confident, healthy, and empowered graduates who will succeed in contributing to the workforce and their community. With MooreCo, go beyond the confines of traditional classrooms and empower students to imagine their future.

Learn more about how the Thrive principles align with CTE objectives by watching our CTE video and downloading our CTE brochure.

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Restaurant Management + MooreCo's Thrive Philosophy

Students working in restaurant

What do restaurant management courses meet the developmental needs of CTE students?

Restaurant management equips students with the technical know-how to run a restaurant efficiently, teaching menu planning, food preparation, inventory management, and customer service. Students also learn teamwork, leadership, and communication skills, which are transferable to virtually all professions. The demanding nature of restaurant management instills strong work ethic, adaptability and resilience, time management, and problem-solving abilities as students navigate the fast-paced, high-pressure environment.

CTE students are exposed to diverse cultures, both in terms of cuisine and the people they work with and serve. This exposure cultivates a deeper understanding of different perspectives, promotes tolerance and acceptance, and develops empathy. Young restaurateurs learn to navigate conflict and build harmonious relationships in the front and back of house, promoting life-long patience and understanding.

How does MooreCo outfit a restaurant management classroom that meets the developmental needs of students?

MooreCo products are adjustable, adaptable, and mobile and can transform a space into a bustling restaurant with ease. Whatever culinary adventure CTE students cook up can be brought to life with versatile tables, chairs, booths, and stools.

MooreCo tables and booths


Mobile Soft Seating and Akt Wire Base Chairs gather around a custom rectangle table to create an intimate dining setup that fosters great conversation! Fully mobile, this arrangement can be reconfigured to accommodate different dining concepts.

MooreCo Stacking Chair Cart

Akt Wire Base Chairs are an ideal seating solution for high capacity restaurants. Chairs can be stacked 20 high on the floor or 40 high on an Akt Stacking Chair Cart. Accommodate hungry diners quickly and easily then store chairs when not in use. 

MooreCo tables and chairs

Nothing is more practical than a dining set consisting of a Frequency Table – X-Base with Akt 4-Leg Chairs. A blank canvas for CTE restaurateurs, each piece is on casters and can quickly and easily accommodate any arrangement students imagine

MooreCo Booth Soft Seating

The Akt High Back Loveseat is a focal point for gathering and adds coziness and hominess to a dining space. Designed to be inviting, comfortable, and easy to clean, it is the perfect addition to an ever-evolving restaurant.

MooreCo Custom Reception Desk

Manage the business side of a bustling restaurant with a custom-built reception desk. Add a Seed 5-Star Stool to keep the front-of-house manager comfortable and rested to greet hungry diners.

Download CTE Brochure

Follow us in this series of posts as we break down 11 CTE environments and show you how MooreCo adapts each space to meet the developmental needs of students. Check out our other CTE classrooms: 

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