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Design the Ultimate CTE Multimedia Arts + Design Classroom with MooreCo

Posted by MooreCo Inc on Feb 22, 2024 1:22:27 PM

MooreCo furniture for CTE multimedia arts and design classroom

Choose your Career & Technical Education (CTE)
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Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs give students the tools they need to explore their interests, learn to appreciate their talents, and prepare for brighter futures. The mission of CTE programming is strongly connected to the principles behind MooreCo’s Thrive Philosophy. Our research shows, for students to thrive, learning spaces should be designed and equipped to accommodate the six distinctive characteristics of human development.

MooreCo Thrive Philosophy IconsEvery student deserves the opportunity to flourish and find community, whether in higher education or in Career & Technical Education. MooreCo has outfitted a series of career-advancing learning spaces that exemplifies the Thrive Philosophy and demonstrates how intentional classroom design provides a functional place to work and gives students the developmental tools they need to succeed.

MooreCo products are conducive to a flexible learning environment and adaptable to the rapidly changing needs of CTE programming and the ever-changing landscape of the professional world. These learning spaces pave the way for balanced, confident, healthy, and empowered graduates who will succeed in contributing to the workforce and their community. With MooreCo, go beyond the confines of traditional classroom design and empower students to imagine their future.

Learn more about how the Thrive principles align with Career & Technical Education objectives by watching our CTE video and downloading our CTE brochure.

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Multimedia Arts + Design + MooreCo's Thrive Philosophy

students working in design studio

How do multimedia arts + design courses meet the developmental needs of
Career & Technical Education (CTE) students?

CTE courses provide a dynamic platform for young minds to explore and express their creativity, fostering critical and innovative thinking, visual literacy, and emotional intelligence. Students gain technical proficiency in areas such as graphic design, digital media applications, video, and animation. Beyond technical expertise, students learn how to convey their ideas, emotions, and messages visually. These advanced communication skills are transferable to other contexts, such as interpersonal skills, public speaking, and writing.

As students explore their individual talents and interests, they are engaging in self-expression and self-discovery. The creative process often requires perseverance and resilience, teaching students how to overcome challenges and embrace failure as a part of growth. Courses in the arts contribute significantly to the holistic development of students, preparing them for the multifaceted challenges of the workforce.

How does MooreCo outfit a multimedia arts + design classroom to meet the developmental needs of students?

MooreCo offers products that respond to the rapidly changing needs of technology-focused classrooms. Furnishings adapt to support the latest hardware so students can stay connected. Brainstorming and ideating are vital in these industries. Collaborative workstations with whiteboards foster innovative group work and will sharpen the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to succeed outside of the classroom.

MooreCo tables and chairs

Akt Tables are built to maximize collaboration and creativity. The small profile and added casters allow the tables to be moved and rearranged easily to create groups. Pull tables apart for an uninterrupted flow of creative energy.

Add Hierarchy 4-Leg Stools for a flexible, ergonomic seating solution that allows for position changes and increasing focus and motivation.

MooreCo tables and perch stools

A standing workstation has been shown to increase circulation, mood, focus, and productivity. Standing height Compass Makerspace Tables allow students to choose their most comfortable working height. Add pegboard side panels and hooks to keep supplies handy or belongings off the floor. 

Pair a standing table with an Elate Perch Stool for a dynamic, highly active workstation. The perch takes weight off the feet, but allows students to lean, reach, twist, and turn easily. These micro-movements help right-brained students expend bursts of energy and stay focused.

MooreCo teacher work station

Create the ideal setup for one-on-ones between students and instructors. The Compass Single Cabinet Teacher Desk provides ample space for demonstrations, keeps sensitive materials behind a locked door, and is it easy to move to different teaching zones. Pair with the Elate Task Chair for a fully customizing comfort experience.

Students love our Hierarchy Grow Stool® for informal catch-ups. The lightweight stool goes where it is needed or can be tucked under a table. It height adjusts to accommodate users of all sizes, and wobbles to help excel energy and maintain focus. 

MooreCo Compass Cabinet Storage

MooreCo Compass Cabinet Storage

Creative ideas flow when things are organized. Store resources, art supplies, and projects in versatile, customizable Compass Cabinets. Mix-and-match interior configurations with shelves, cubbies, or tubs. Add accessorizes to meet your unique needs: casters and handles for easy mobility, a butcher block top for added workspace, locking doors, whiteboard back panel for brainstorming space, or pegboard sides for added storage. Durable and easy to clean, keep messy supplies secure, organized, and accessible.

MooreCo glass whiteboard

Turn blank walls into a place of inspiration and innovation with the Liso Classroom Series Glass Wall. With superior writability and no ghosting, students can brainstorm ideas and work through problems with a magnetic glass whiteboard that is equal parts style and functionality.

Download CTE Brochure

Follow us in this series of posts as we break down 11 Career & Technical Education (CTE) learning spaces and show you how MooreCo adapts each environment to meet the developmental needs of students. Check out our other CTE classrooms: 

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