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Design the Ultimate CTE Computer Science + Engineering Lab with MooreCo

Posted by MooreCo Inc on Mar 1, 2024 1:00:00 PM

MooreCo CTE Computer Science and Engineering Classroom furniture

Choose your CTE Path with MooreCo!

Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs give students the tools they need to explore their interests, learn to appreciate their talents, and prepare for brighter futures. The mission of CTE programming is strongly connected to the principles behind MooreCo’s Thrive Philosophy. Our research shows, for students to thrive, learning spaces should be designed and equipped to accommodate the six distinctive characteristics of human development.

MooreCo Thrive Philosophy IconsEvery student deserves the opportunity to flourish and find community, whether in higher education or in Career & Technical Education. MooreCo has outfitted a series of career advancing spaces that exemplifies the Thrive Philosophy and demonstrates how intentional classroom design provides a functional place to work and gives students the developmental tools they need to succeed.

MooreCo products are conducive to a flexible learning environment and adaptable to the rapidly changing needs of CTE programming and the ever-changing landscape of the professional world. These learning spaces pave the way for balanced, confident, healthy, and empowered graduates who will succeed in contributing to the workforce and their community. With MooreCo, go beyond the confines of traditional classroom design and empower students to imagine their future.

Learn more about how the Thrive principles align with Career & Technical Education objectives by watching our CTE video and downloading our CTE brochure.

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Computer Science + Engineering
+ MooreCo's Thrive Philosophy

Student working in computer science class

How do computer science + engineering courses meet the developmental needs of
Career & Technical Education (CTE) students?

With a strong emphasis on mathematics and science, engineering and computer science students build analytic and quantitative skills and become adept at turning abstract concepts into tangible solutions as they see their ideas and code come to life. Due to the constantly evolving nature of these industries, students learn to adapt to new tools and technologies, fostering adaptability and a willingness to learn throughout life.

These subjects foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, equipping students with essential tools for navigating the complex challenges facing our interconnected world and preparing students for a digital future. Students feel empowered and become more confident, adaptable, and resilient individuals.

How does MooreCo outfit a computer science + engineering classroom to meet the developmental needs of students?

MooreCo offers products that respond to the rapidly changing needs of technology-focused classrooms. Furnishings adapt to support the latest hardware so students can stay connected. Brainstorming and ideating are vital in these industries. Collaborative workstations with whiteboards foster innovative group work and will sharpen the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to succeed outside of the classroom.

MooreCo CTE furniture

Hybrid learning spaces prepare CTE students for similar experiences in their careers. The Cocoon Media Space connects students to the world and provides the closeness that fosters collaborative learning and the expansiveness that builds critical thinking skills. Ideal for situations that require thinking outside the box, this innovative, insular space is an upscale solution combining technology and functionality with versatile and independent seating. 

Quickly create productive work groups with the lightweight, adjustable Hierarchy Grow Stool®. A great addition to any classroom, the stools store under tables and have a subtle wobble motion to relieve fidgeting and help with focus.

MooreCo CTE furniture

Akt Tables provide ample space for multiple workstations and can be moved and reconfigured easily to accommodate group programming or coding demonstrations. Available in different heights, students can find their ideal workstation either sitting or standing.

For projects that require prolonged sitting, the Hierarchy 4-Leg Caster Chairs are a stylish, ergonomic solution. Casters allow chairs to glide easily to create impromptu work groups. 

MooreCo CTE furniture

Designed specifically for technology-heavy courses, the Interactive Projector Board + Whiteboard System provides spaces to share screens and jot down notes like code corrections or programming updates. Take advantage of the full breadth of your classroom with the flexibility, functionality, and superior quality of projection steel whiteboard system designed for the changing needs of the modern classroom.

MooreCo CTE furniture

With the height-adjustable Trend Podium Desk, a dedicated teacher workstation transforms into a student presentation area. The innovative and stylish workstation combines a desk and podium into one convenient, flexible, mobile solution.

Add the ergonomic, mobile Elate Task Chair and instructors can provide one-on-one support to their students anywhere in the room. Featuring customization and adjustment options to provide optimal positioning, the chair is tailored to each individual for hours of comfort.

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Follow us in this series of posts as we break down 11 CTE environments and show you how MooreCo adapts each space to meet the developmental needs of students. Check out our other CTE classrooms: 

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