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Design the Ultimate CTE Workshop with MooreCo

Posted by MooreCo Inc on Mar 18, 2024 12:00:00 PM

CTE workshop classroom with MooreCo furniture

Choose your Career & Technical Education (CTE)
Path with MooreCo!

Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs give students the tools they need to explore their interests, learn to appreciate their talents, and prepare for brighter futures. The mission of CTE programming is strongly connected to the principles behind MooreCo’s Thrive Philosophy. Our research shows, for students to thrive, learning environments should be designed and equipped to accommodate the six distinctive characteristics of human development.

MooreCo Thrive Philosophy IconsEvery student deserves the opportunity to flourish and find community, whether in higher education or in Career & Technical Education. MooreCo has outfitted a series of career advancing spaces that exemplifies the Thrive Philosophy and demonstrates how intentional classroom design provides a functional place to work and gives students the developmental tools they need to succeed.

MooreCo products are conducive to a flexible learning environment and adaptable to the rapidly changing needs of CTE programming and the ever-changing landscape of the professional world. These spaces pave the way for balanced, confident, healthy, and empowered graduates who will succeed in contributing to the workforce and their community. With MooreCo, go beyond the confines of traditional classrooms and empower students to imagine their future.

Learn more about how the Thrive principles align with Career & Technical Education objectives by watching our CTE video and downloading our CTE brochure.

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Workshop + MooreCo's Thrive Philosophy

Students building in a workshop

How do workshop courses meet the
developmental needs of
Career & Technical Education (CTE) students?

In an increasingly digital world, workshop courses provide a tangible and tactile experience that nurtures a strong work ethic and a passion for craftsmanship. Students apply mathematics and geometry to practical skills that build safety and spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and fine motors skills. Projects demand precision and attention to detail. Students learn the importance of accuracy and patience, which can translate into better work habits in other areas.

Workshop programs are incredibly empowering and personally fulfilling, which prepares students for a lifetime of self-sufficiency that will filter into other aspects of their lives. Students who are invested in workshop gain an interest in responsible resource use which leads to conversations in global environmental and sustainability practices.

How does MooreCo outfit a workshop to meet the developmental needs of students?

MooreCo products are designed to endure the physical demands of a workshop yet create a comfortable, ergonomic learning environment. Safety is paramount and products are durable and sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear. Profiles are sleek and practical to adapt and move as needed. A variety of customizable storage solutions allow students to build a safe, personal workstation.

MooreCo CTE furnitureCompass Makerspace Tables come in a variety of sizes and heights to fit the needs of any workshop project. Essential for heavy, loud tools, butcher block tabletops are durable, sturdy, and quieter than traditional laminate tabletops. Add peg board side panels to keep bags off the ground or keep supplies within arm's reach.

Create a custom, mobile supply station with durable Compass Cabinets. Choose between three width and three heights and interior configurations of shelves, cubbies, or tubs. Never stop to look for a missing tool again! 

Complete your workstation with Hierarchy 4-Leg Stools. The sleek, ergonomic solution allows students to freely move, reach, twist, and turn.

MooreCo CTE furniture

MooreCo CTE furniture

The versatility of Compass Cabinets and Folio Cabinet Storage make them a must have in a busy workshop. Add butcher block tabletops for an on-demand, mobile workspace.

Specialized CTE courses often require equipment that needs to be safely and securely stored. Mix and match Folio Cabinets storage solutions to keep dangerous tools behind locked doors.

MooreCo CTE furniture

No workshop is complete without whiteboards to doodle, design, and share ideas. Let the Ogee Easel be your muse! This elegantly double-sided porcelain steel whiteboard maximizes writing surface by curving gently outwards the floor. Casters allow you to quickly move where the brainstorming happens!

Create, communicate, and collaborate with our Liso Classroom Series Glass Wall system. A wall-to-wall glass board turns any CTE classroom into an incubator of cutting-edge ideas. 

MooreCo CTE furniture

The D.O.C. Glass Mobile Room Divider gives instructors freedom to divide, organize, and customize the space for different group projects, while using a superior writing surface with unbeatable erasability. The surface accepts magnets and is easy to clean.

Download CTE Brochure

Follow us in this series of posts as we break down 11 CTE environments and show you how MooreCo adapts each space to meet the developmental needs of students. Check out our other CTE classrooms: 

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